Advanced Business Communication Solution with Polycom Conference Phones

Embracing globalization is very crucial to become more competitive in business. It is already a common thing for a business organization to have offices on different locations and not to mention business partners or networks on different cities or even different countries. Proper communication systems become a necessity to make sure the business operation can work seamlessly.

One important feature you need for business communications system is conference phone system. This system will allow effective meeting between different divisions or group of people even though they work at different office locations. Conference phones eliminate the need of direct meeting or the need to make multiple calls. When an urgent business decision needed, all required parties can easily make a conference at once to make the right decision. Do you already have conference phone system at your office? If you don’t have it yet, better call Office PBX Dubai as this is the leading provider and installer of Polycom Conference Phones here in Dubai as well as all across UAE. This company is committed to support business enterprises by providing complete ranges of business communication systems. Their professional staffs will make sure you’ll get the right solution suitable for business needs while at the same time also feasible for your budget.

Office PBX Dubai is proud to become a dealer and installer of Polycom, the leading brand in conference call systems. This company can offer complete selections of Polycom systems for all business scales. Even for small and medium enterprises with limited resources, there’s a suitable solution with Polycom IP5000 Conference Phone. Small and compact size while offering advanced features, this system comes with HD voice technology for crystal clear call, open standard SIP, simple interface and high-quality display panel for optimum operation, and highly compatible with multiple platforms. You can have a powerful conference phone solution at feasible budget.

Things to consider while opting for a career in Certified Ethical Hacking

The present age is the age of security and protection. It is of major concern in the cyberspace as the world of IT security is ever growing. Every enterprise is putting a key focus on protecting their data from the cyber attacks that have been making big headlines, starting from the most publicized organization to the small sized enterprise. Not all hackers are bad, there are certain ethical hackers who work for the protection of information of this data and this is where the Certified Ethical Hackers come into play. They are the people who are pros in security vulnerabilities. They prevent malicious hackers from causing damage to the security networks. They deploy and protect networks against various digital hazards. They look for code bases and if there are any holes present, they work on them and close it up before a criminal can have access to it. The general attacks include DDoS attacks, Trojans, Viruses, worms, intrusion detection and ways to scan and attack own individual networks. Learn all about ways to fight cyber attacks by opting for training in Certified Ethical Hacking.


Need for Ethical Hacking

The more e-commerce and app-based service providers are putting concrete steps to locate loopholes in their network. 94% of the companies address cyber crimes as the major threat to business, whereas almost 72% of the companies have encountered some or other sort of cyber attacks since past one year. These figures have brought to light that major organizations, as well as startups functioning in India, are in need for strong security measures. Every enterprise is looking forward to a successful ‘White Hackers’ team who strive for the safe system network for an organization.

Increase in demand

White-hat hacking is increasing in profession these days, due to ever rising security breaches online. There has never been a better time to enter into the field of cyber security. The demand is ever growing and is expected to surge as every business is going online. India itself is in dire need of lakhs of cyber security professionals for protecting IT infrastructure in the country.

Certifications of an Ethical Hacker:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Certified Information Systems Security Pro
  • Certified Information Security Manager
  • Certified Information Systems Editor

Organizations, Hackers work for

Ethical Hackers work with Government and Private Firms, test their system vulnerabilities, identify the loopholes and fix them before someone intrudes into it. Internet Security and Networking field are prospering high where Ethical Hackers can find good employment opportunities. IT firms being the main recruiters. Even various government organizations, including the wings of law, military, defense are offering challenging roles for Ethical Hackers.

Technical Skills

In order to become a successful ethical hacker, one must be well versed with different programming languages like C++, Ruby, Perl, Python along with essential knowledge on .NET and PHP. Hands-on experience on operating systems like Unix and Linux does help a lot. Honesty, Trustworthiness, adaptability is key essentials in the field. Resourcefulness helps troubleshoot any foreseen hazards.

The various job roles include:

  • Network Security Systems Manager
  • Web Security Manager
  • Security Executive
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Web Security Administrator


Corporations are paying professional certified hackers with a good amount, and this results in a bundle of offers for the successful career in the field of Ethical Hacking. A certified Ethical Hacker can earn around 4 – 5 Lakh per annum and might get as high as 10-12 lakh per annum depending on his expertise and skills.


Breaking into the computer network is now the newest career option. Certified Ethical Hackers have become an integral part of every IT security industry. Hence the ethical hackers who can protect against these cyber attacks are rising. They work with the companies to effectively protect system networks from cyber attacks and this is the right time to explode the job by training in it. Training aids in:

  • Learn to spot and shut down the weak points in the network system,
  • Ways to neutralize DDoS attacks,
  • Erect protections to ensure the cyber network is safe.
  • Secure Windows systems against attacks
  • Methods for guessing passwords
  • Different types of keyloggers

University Of Pheonix Online Is Nation’s Most Popular Internet University

Of all online universities, the University of Pheonix Online is arguably the best known. Established in 1989, the university’s enrollment has long since skyrocketed to some 180,000 students, making it the nation’s largest online university. Students can pursue an online bachelor’s and online master’s degree in subject areas like technology, health care, business, education and the behavioral sciences.

All of the degree programs offered by the University of Pheonix Online are true online degrees. Enrollees in bachelor and master degree programs complete 100% of their degree requirements online. This online experience ranges from such basic activities as registration and the ordering of books to class-related activities like posting assignments, working with classmates on joint projects, and interacting and receiving feedback from instructors.

Degree programs at the University of Pheonix Online are designed specifically for working professionals. As a result, it’s often possible to complete a degree much more quickly than by attending a traditional brick-and-mortar university. Students taking online college classes one class at a time at the University of Pheonix are usually able to complete up to 27 credits per year. On average, they complete their online degree in just two to three years.

Pre-enrollees are often concerned about the value of an online degree and here too, the news is good. The University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It was one of the first accredited universities to provide college degree programs over the Internet. The University of Phoenix Online is now the nation’s leading online university.

Because its online degree program is tailored to the educational needs of working professionals, the University of Pheonix works closely with industry leaders to ensure that its programs provide the skills and expertise in demand in today’s economy. Because of this, employers see an online degree as a good investment in their own future. Not surprisingly, 59% of students at the University receive all or part of their tuition from their employer. And even in those cases where an employer won’t spring for the cost of making you a better employee, there are still other financial options available, including federal grant and loan programs with low interest rates.

Getting started at the University of Pheonix Online is just a mouse-click away. Because every student has unique needs, the University’s experienced enrollment counselors work closely with new enrollees to simplify the back-to-school process. The links below will take you to an Information Request Form, where you can jumpstart your online learning experience. Don’t wait,
start at the University of Pheonix Online today!

Assam Don Bosco University – Modernized Education System Of University

Assam Don Bosco University is the most recognized university in India, which has been committed in learning and teaching. The university has provided great contribution to the growth and development of the country in educational areas. It has been popularized in term of offering job oriented courses around the world, so it has honorably appreciated by authorized person of the world. It has got prominent position amongst the top universities of the country, till now it has maintained the precious position of the university around the world. Recently, it is gaining a lot of popularity in term of professional education with campuses faculties around the world.

Assam Don Bosco University is the most emerging destination to teach the students very well and it has got an excellent rearward in teaching and making something unique skills and quality education through campuses facilities of the university. It has been approved by the university grants commission and internationally recognized through the excellent education system. The main focus of the university has been laid on its teaching, research and consultancy on three important factors – information technology, social sector and service sector. These three areas of choices and interests have been chosen because they mainly focus on cutting edge modern technology. The employability of graduates and post graduates make you eligible to become entrepreneurs and equip with skills and proficiency to impact and transform their society.

Recently, it conducts a graduate Programme in information technology and engineering equivalent to the B.Tech degree, post graduate Progammes in computer applications equivalent to the MCA degree and business administration degree leading to the MBA degree. The university’s courses are greatly honored in every part of the country and offer many and many courses both post graduate and graduate courses in information technology and engineering, social work and animation. Assam Don Bosco University courses are offered by the university in various streams in information technology, engineering, management and computer science. These courses have great scope and highly demanded in the marketplace through campuses facilities of the university. The university’s courses have been enhanced by highly qualified and rich experienced faculties of the university.

Assam Don Bosco University campus is famous for all kind of facilities like World class infrastructure, air conditioned classroom equipped with computers and internet facility, library facility. Assam Don Bosco University admission 2012 may be successful session of coming session of the university. The mission of the university is to promote the quality education at global base and maintaining higher standards of education compared with other universities of the country. Assam Don Bosco University has been considered for educating and nurturing the excellent standards to beat the competitive environment of the university. Assam Don Bosco University is one of the most popular and successful centers around the world. Because of millions of students have reached at upper level positions by taking education from this university. Assam Don Bosco University results can be declared as university’s rules and disciplines.

Raffles University – Time To Enhance Your Career

Raffles University is the most recognized university in India, which has been committed in learning and teaching. The university has provided great contribution to the growth and development of the country in educational areas. It has been popularized in term of offering job oriented courses around the world, so it has honorably appreciated by authorized person of the world. It has got prominent position amongst the top universities of the country, till now it has maintained the precious position of the university around the world. Recently, it is gaining a lot of popularity in term of professional education with campuses faculties around the world.

Raffles University is a destination where many aspiring students can see dreams of successful and shinning career by taking the education from Raffles University. It has been considered as most recognized university with campuses facilities since many years. Because of many golden opportunities are available in the marketplace. The courses of the university have been enhanced by the rich experienced faculties of the university and various departments of the university. Professional education at Raffles University has been enhanced dedicatedly by rich experienced faculties of the university. It offers diploma, certificates, undergraduate, graduate and post graduate courses in various specializations in information technology, engineering, management, medical study and computer science.

Raffles University admission 2012 may be successful session of the university and make it very successful center of developing and promoting quality education through the Raffles education corporation. Being the most reputed university, it has maintained the most premier position at international level as well as it has maintained higher standards of education amongst the top universities of the world. Raffles University courses are highly in demand in the marketplace due to highly required by the companies.It has got a lot of popularity through the campuses facilities of the university. The university has got the most reputed position and outstanding approach in the technical and professional disciplines of engineering, information technology and management at graduate and post graduate levels.

Raffles University is the most premier international university in Asia Pacific for excellence of teaching students, Educational Environment, Intellectual growth and world class infrastructure. World class infrastructure, air conditioned classroom equipped with computers and internet facility, library facility and campuses facilities are available in the university and affiliated colleges of the university. Sport faculty will teach how you perform yourself in Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Badminton and Gymnasium. Physical entertainment faculties are available like Yoga, Tennis, Badminton, Gymnasium, which have been offered by the university. Raffles University facilities are very comfortably and convenient to those students, who are looking for cheap and best university.

Raffles University courses are offered by the university in different disciplines information technology, engineering, Fashion Technology, Management, Yoga, computer science and medical science. Raffles University campus is famous for all kind of facilities like World class infrastructure, air conditioned classroom equipped with computers and internet facility, library facility. The attractions of the university have motivated students towards the various departments and campus of the university.

Strayer University Can Be Your Best Alternative

Strayer University is a private educational institution in the United States. The university is headquartered in Arlington VA. There are 43 campuses under Strayer University and more than 27,000 students study there. The students study both on campus and online. Strayer University students are day scholars and there are no facilities for housing students. Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation is granted to Strayer University.

History: The university was founded by Dr S Irving Strayer in Maryland in 1892 as a college and in 1998 was granted University status by the District of Columbia Education Licensure Commission. Strayer University started as a very small entity and has gradually grown and presently has campuses across the US.

The following programs are offered at Strayer University:

Associate in Arts in:
Accounting, Acquisition and Contract Management, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Computer Networking – Microsoft – Windows 2000, Windows NT, Database Technology, Economics, General Studies, Information Systems, Internetworking Technology and Marketing.

Bachelor programs:
Bachelor of Business Administration in various fields namely Acquisition and Contract Management, Banking, E-Business, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Human Resources Management, Legal Studies, Management, Marketing and Retail Management
Bachelor of Science in various fields like Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Computer Networking and related computer fields.

Masters Programs:
Master of Business Administration in fields same as Bachelor of Business. Master of Education in fields like Educational Management and Technology in Education. Master of Science in fields like Communications Technology, Information Systems and related fields and Professional Accounting and related fields.

Diploma Programs:
Diploma in fields like Accounting, Acquisition and Contract Management Computer Information Systems and related fields, Internetworking Technology, Network Security and Web Development.

Executive Graduate Certificate Programs:
Executive Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and related fields, Computer Information Systems and related fields and Professional Accounting and related fields.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs:
Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting and related fields, Business Administration and related fields, Computer Information Systems and related fields.

The tuition fee is as per the course. For undergraduate full time course (13.5 or more credit hours per quarter) $ 1,215 per course and for part time course (less than 13.5 credit hours per quarter) $1,285. All graduate programs are $1,630 per course. Financial assistance is available to students such as scholarships, active military duty scholarships, VA benefits, state and federal grants, loans and work study assistance etc.

Classes are both online and on campus and a great amount of flexibility is available. Online classes can be live as well as recorder termed as synchronous and asynchronous classes. Students have the flexibility to choose timings and study online or on campus according to their schedule. Books are made available on line. Exams are conducted both online and on campus.

Hu’s Technology Transfer Office Breaks New Medical Ground

Jerusalem’s Hebrew University has, once again, been at the forefront of tech news. Yissum, the university’s Technology Transfer Office, has introduced a novel device that enhances the diagnostic value of saliva, providing a quick and efficient, non-invasive diagnostic tool that could replace many blood and other invasive tests. Yissum manages the university’s Technology Transfer Opportunities, and works to leverage the universities discoveries across the globe.

Presented at ILSI BioMed Israel 2008, the new diagnostic tool has enormous commercial potential. Most molecules found in blood and urine are also detectable in lower concentrations in the mouth. Studies have indicated that saliva offers a useful method of detecting various cancers, heart disease, diabetes, periodontal disease and various other conditions and infectious diseases like HIV. Obtaining a saliva sample is much quicker, and simpler, than similar blood or urine tests, and offers an inexpensive, and non-invasive procedure that patients could even perform in their own homes.

The problem is the saliva itself. Saliva is a part of the digestive system and contains a high content of proteins to help digest food. One of these proteins, amylase, represents up to 60% of saliva proteins and its presence, in such high quantities, can hamper diagnostic tests by masking the presence of other components. The key, then, to saliva as a diagnostic tool is clearing the whole saliva of this protein.

Professor Aaron Palmon and research student Omer Deutsch from the Institute of Dental Sciences, working together with Doctor Doran Afraiman, head of the Salivary Glad Clinic, Department of Oral Medicine, the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, conceived and created a simple, disposable device that removes amylase from bodily fluids, including saliva. Using a modified potato starch to absorb large quantities of amylase, the device clears saliva of the protein, increasing the diagnostic value of the saliva sample and enabling detection of low concentrations of biomarkers.

The potential commercial market for such a product is enormous. The USA alone has invested over $65 in the development of diagnostic kits based on saliva. The global market for biomarkers was $5.6 billion in 2007, and is expected to increase to $12.8 billion by 2012.

Yissum has also been making medical tech news with the discovery and development of a novel orally available drug that prevents metastasis formation in various types of cancer, without inducing adverse side effects. Professors Eli Breuer, Reuven Reich and Amnon Hoffman, all from Hebrew Univeristy’s School of Pharmacy, worked together to develop the project, published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

The new drug, cis-ACCP, a small molecule which is a prototype of a family of compounds that may be administered orally, inhibits matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), which are extracellular enzymes known to play a pivotal role in tissue remodeling and repair. Pathological over-expression of MMPs has been associated with chronic diseases such as cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, arteriosclerosis, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, liver cirrhosis and others. It’s this over-expression that enables tumorigenic cells to invade other tissues and leads to metastasis.

The new drug, cis-ACCP, is the first clinically useful inhibitor of its kind and carries none of the high toxicity that made previous attempts to create similar inhibitors fail. In addition to low toxicity, cis-ACCP is water-soluble and highly bioavailable. Preclinical experiments showed the drug prevents cancer cells from invading adjacent tissue, thus forming metastases, and is effective in the treatment of melanoma and prostate cancer. Results indicated significant reductions in both tumor growth and mesatasis formation through the use of cis-ACCP.

Though many years of testing and development are still ahead for cic-ACCP, this represents a new class of drugs that could potentially change the way cancer is treated. It also represents another potentially huge commercial success for Yissum and the Hebrew University.

An Insight Into Some of the Top Universities in China and Japan

The advantages of studying abroad are plentiful and outweigh the merits of pursuing your higher education in your native country. One faces a lot of perplexity when deciding on which universities to join after intermediary. Getting admitted into study abroad universities is a fancy which many a student nourish. But before plunging into the all important decision of choosing a university, one has to consider many factors which might and will affect one’s decision.

If a particular individual is thinking over studying in Asia; he/she has the option of joining top universities in China, top universities in Japan or top universities in South Korea. But before opting for a particular country, one should do a bit of intricate research on the World Wide Web about the nation’s cultural and societal norms. This is very vital as studying abroad is more about a rich cultural and social exchange rather than just studying inside the four walls of the university. Classroom atmosphere is also important but not as crucial as the exterior surroundings where you will spend most of your free time. Every country has unique cultural and societal norms which make every nation a unique place.

In such a milieu, it’s up to you to consider in which country you desire to study. Thus it is utterly significant to weigh the pros and cons of getting admitted into a specific university. For example the practices followed at some of the top universities in Japan will definitely differ from the practices being trailed at top universities in China. Getting professional assistance from an expert education counselor will also do a great favor to your “study abroad” struggles. The choice of institution is also an important verdict which should also be given a second thought.

When it comes to top universities in China, universities that come on top of list are University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Hefei University of Technology, Anqing Teachers College, Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Bengbu Medical College (BBMC), Chaohu University, Fujian Medical University (FMU), Fuzhou University, Northwest University for Nationalities, Lanzhou University of Technology, South China University of Technology (SCUT), Jinan University and the list continues as this country has a plethora of educational resources which can be exploited only when one gets admitted into one of the institutions.

Similarly when we talk about the top universities in Japan, the names that catch up are: Aichi Gakuin University (AGU), Baiko Gakuin University, Digital Hollywood University, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Institute of Technologists, Joshibi University of Art and Design and this list is also virtually endless as Japan proffers numerous opportunities for students who want to pursue higher education.

Universities should be selected according to specialization as different institutions focus on different specialties. Extra curricular activities are also a part of earning when you choose study abroad universities; so make sure that you choose a country where you can do your favorite pastime in your extra hours after classroom.

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